Yaghali du?

Congratulations to all staff, customers and tribal members on our new Dena’ina Wellness Center!

Time has flown by since we broke ground for the new facility in August of 2012. We have been working hard for many years to get to the opening day that is before us now. We have come a long distance and we are in a good place. We have more trail ahead of us, though.

Our healthcare staff will be working together like never before. They have grown in number and in what they can offer you. We have a new building, new equipment and new opportunities.

What is most important to us has not changed, and that is that we care about you and your wellness.

Our healthcare professionals are guided by our Dene’ Model of Care. The model recognizes that you and your healthcare needs guide everything that we do. Under the Dene’ model, we will partner with you to form a respectful, safe and strong relationship to help you achieve the excellent health that you deserve.

Working side-by-side, with you at the center, we will seek wellness so that you may achieve the Kenaitze Indian Tribe’s vision of enhanced and strengthened prosperity, health and culture.

While it seems like the focus of attention has been on healthcare, our other programs have also been growing and flourishing.

Our youth are learning, growing and having success at the Early Childhood Center and at Yaghanen. The community is looking at our Na’ini Social Services as a leader. We have put even more emphasis on service and we have improved how we respond to comments and suggestions. Everything we do is in response to the needs of the people we serve.

We do not view people as customers, clients or patients. Instead, we chose the Dena’ina word un’ina, meaning "those who come to us," to refer to you throughout our programs.

The words customer, client or patient do not describe the relationship we want to have with you. We want you to feel like an invited guest when you are with us.

Un’ina is one of many Dena’ina words you will see in your new facility. Another Dena’ina word we hope you see and hear often is chiqinik ­— thank you.

Chiqinik for coming to us.

Chiqinik for all of your hard work and support.

I look forward to seeing you at at our Grand Opening celebration on June 12. Visit our Facebook page for current information on this week's Grand Opening activities. You will find a full schedule of events by following this link.

Aa’ yaghali. It is good.


— Jaylene Peterson-Nyren

Executive Director, Kenaitze Indian Tribe